Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Gooseberry Falls (Picture by Alfredo Pedro Perro) 

This weekend I will take the next step towards my goal of participating in the Hardrock 100.  Qualifying.  I hope to do so at the Superior Trail 100 on Friday morning. I have wanted to run his race since the first time I heard about it because it has equal parts of badass and beauty.

Sawtooth is actualy a 103.3 mile race held in northern Minnesota.  It starts at Gooseberry Falls and runs to Lusten MN.  

There is 21,000 feet of elevation gain in the race.  For those of you that don't run ultas...it's a Lot!  (Hint: the Sears Tower is around 1,000 feet high).  The trail is full or rocks, roots, boulders and (hopefully not) moose, bears and wolves.

(photo by Alfredo Pedro Perro)

(Photo by Alfredo Pedro Perro)
I am not going to lie....it is intimidating.  Many great runners have been chewed up and spit out by Sawtooth.  I am glad so many of my friends will be there towing the line with me.  I hope to get to run with a few of them.  My wife will also be there crewing the entire 38 hours, so I will have plenty of support.  I will take plenty of pictures and prepare a full race report after (regardless of the results).  For now, keep me in your thoughts on Friday and Saturday as I attempt this extremely difficult task.   

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